MARKETS & LISTING is dedicated to assist companies in the life science and healthcare sector to setting and executing effective strategies for value creation, pipeline development and business-corporate development.

MARKETS & LISTING helps clients to achieve their goals by providing tailored advice and work on: (1) strategy and strategic planning, (2) value-based optimization of the pipeline, (3) improved internal processes organization, (4) sourcing, negotiation and closing of business deals and corporate opportunities. Our competitive edge resides in our strong background in science, biology and technology, our first-hand knowledge of the biotech business, industry and drivers, and our approach: a blend between expert advice and working together with customer’s management.

MARKETS & LISTING focuses on creating the highest possible value for our clients. To accomplish this goal, we: (1) assist late stage (listed) companies to optimize pipelines, processes and external collaborations to achieve market capitalization goals and (2) assist early and middle stage companies’ management to build prospective IPO/M&A opportunities from 1-3 years in advance by working out the company fundamentals and by properly sensitizing and preparing the target financial and industrial markets.