MARKETS & LISTING is a consulting-accelerator dedicated to assist companies in the design and execution of their strategies, with a focus on value creation and integral growth and development.

MARKETS & LISTING was created in 2015 as a spin-off of L&M CRECER to take over operations in Western and Eastern Europe.

L&M CRECER is a firm dedicated to advice and service innovative companies, incubators and governmental institutions in the life science sector worldwide. Since inception in 2007, L&M CRECER has served customers in Latin America, Europe, South Africa and China.


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    Lila  DRITTANTI,  PhD                   Manuel  VEGA,  PhD


Every client’s assignment or project is different and special. Every customer is unique. For that reason, for each mission or project, MARKETS & LISTING puts together a working team tailored to the specific needs of the project and the customer.

Working teams are versatile and dynamic. They are membered by MARKETS & LISTING partners and staff together with, whenever necessary, business partners as well as independent experts on a case by case basis.

Our teams take a hands-on approach and work side-by-side in close proximity with client management and their internal teams to address, solve, built and deliver.