MARKETS & LISTING uses a cross-functional and synergistic approach, across many functional areas:

Strategy and Business Development.

MARKETS & LISTING uses our insights to help companies develop successful strategies and innovative approaches. We serve companies address strategic issues from growth strategies, products pipeline strategy to business-corporate strategy. We help clients determine and execute the business development (licensing, collaborations) approach the most appropriate to meet their corporate strategy and value objectives. We support business development activities from sourcing to closing.

R&D and Product Development.

MARKETS & LISTING supports our client's drive innovation, to improve the efficacy and performance of research teams, and develop successful portfolio. We assist customers in enhancing and framing the development of products and development timelines. We help companies assess the value proposition for each potential product, considering both clinical and economic benefits. We support clients to achieve improvement in their quality systems and regulatory compliance.

Financing, Market-drive and Value creation.

MARKETS & LISTING aids companies to determine their financial needs and do the necessary financial planning to support their development strategy. We help companies build and prepare their fundamentals to attract investors and favor rounds of financing. We assist our clients in getting focused on value creation and being oriented towards  financial and industrial target markets.

Organisation and Operations.

MARKETS & LISTING clients are helped to identify, build, and sustain the operational capabilities they need to continuously improve performance and deliver impact. In addition to providing advice on structure and governance, we assist with issues related to the company’s culture and its overall “health,” such as mind-set and behaviour problems that hinder development processes performance. MARKETS & LISTING's team have experience with organizational issues in departments including R&D, preclinical, clinical and regulatory, finance, business development and communication.