MARKETS & LISTING operates a synergistic approach across many functional areas:

Strategy and Value Creation.

MARKETS & LISTING applies its insights to help companies develop successful strategies and innovative approaches. We help companies address strategic issues from growth strategies, product pipeline strategy to business-corporate strategy through thorough analysis and assessment of the competitive landscape including external and internal actors and determinants. We help identify, build, and assess scenarios and to set rational approaches to decision making.

Business Development and Market Drive.

MARKETS & LISTING assists companies in identifying and qualifying suitable targets for business or corporate transactions (in-/out-licensing deals, partnerships, distribution, M&A…). We support clients through the entire process from scouting, contacting, negotiating and closing deals. We help companies develop their business potential, to turn science into products and partnerships. We help set priorities and directions based on a thorough analysis of market needs, trends, and perception.

Science and Technology.

MARKETS & LISTING is built upon the careers of seasoned science professionals, biologists and researchers. We understand science, we are up-to-date and familiar with state-of-the-art discoveries, we love technology and innovation. We understand the standpoint, needs, and concerns of researchers. Concurrently, our work with clients is based in the scientific method, we approach problems and challenges using rigorous analytics, scenarios, decisions trees, as well as intuition, creative thinking and experienced perception. We have long-standing first-hand expertise in turning discoveries and developments into solid intellectual property, and advising clients on sound IP strategies.

R&D and Product Development.

MARKETS & LISTING helps biotech companies build and go through the transition from research activities to development (of products and processes) compatible with what will be required by future industrial partners and regulatory agencies. We support our client's drive to innovate, to improve the efficacy and performance of research teams, and to develop value-based portfolios. We assist customers in enhancing and framing the development timelines and budgets. We help companies assess the value proposition for each potential product, considering both clinical and economic benefits. We support clients to achieve improvement in their quality systems and regulatory compliance.

Organisation and Operations.

MARKETS & LISTING’s clients are helped to identify, build, and sustain the operational capabilities they need to continuously improve performance and deliver impact. In addition to providing advice on structure and governance, we assist with issues related to the company’s culture and its overall “health,” such as mind-set and behaviour problems that hinder development processes’ performance. MARKETS & LISTING's members have first-hand experience with organizational issues in every area of activity of a company (including research, development, preclinical, clinical and regulatory, finance, business development and communication).