What we do


MARKETS & LISTING is a bureau d'études dedicated to concomitantly assisting companies in the life sciences and healthcare sector by setting and executing effective strategies for value creation and value capture.

Strategic thinking, entrepreneurial perspectives, and value analysis - of our clients' technologies, business, and opportunities - are applied as core instruments for scenario planning and decision making. As an Operating Partner, we help companies’ management build value in preparation for transaction opportunities.

As such, MARKETS & LISTING helps clients achieve their goals through a tailored program covering:
1- Strategic counsel and planning;
2- Sourcing, negotiation and closing of business deals and corporate opportunities;
3- Organizational audit and (re)design;
4- Product pipeline planning and value-based optimization;
5- Intellectual property analysis and development.

MARKETS & LISTING’s edge resides in the strong background of its members in biology, science and technology, as well as their first-hand knowledge of the biotech business, industry and drivers. Our methodology allows us to provide a tailored approach, which blends expert advice with hands-on collaboration.

Flow scheme
"I find myself systematically telling clients that we will not advise them through what they want to hear but what we believe they need to hear. That is our job and we believe it is the most effective way to help our clients achieve their goals."
Manuel Vega, Founding partner.

Working teams

Every client is unique and evolving within its particular context; so with each mission MARKETS & LISTING puts together a separate working team custom-fit to the precise needs of that specific client.
Working teams are capable, enterprising, and adaptable. They are composed of partners and staff from
MARKETS & LISTING, along with independent experts whenever necessary.
Their style favours client intimacy: a hands-on approach, working side-by-side with the client's top management and staff to assess, define, build, deliver, and solve; together.

Art & Culture

MARKETS & LISTING recognizes the value of young artists and creators in Paris; their talent, effort, and contribution to shaping the rich, beautiful and colourful cultural milieu of the City. Artists and life sciences entrepreneurs share a wide range of motivations and personal resources. They are on a personal and social quest for ground-breaking impact through innovation. They cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, determination and resilience in order to realize their vision.
Sensitive to that reality,
MARKETS & LISTING openly encourages and sponsors local art projects.