What we do


MARKETS & LISTING is dedicated to assisting companies in the life-science and healthcare sector by setting and executing effective strategies for value creation, pipeline development and business-corporate development.

MARKETS & LISTING helps clients achieve their goals by providing tailored advice and work on :
(1) strategy and strategic planning,
(2) value-based optimization of the pipeline,
(3) improved internal processes organization,
(4) sourcing, negotiation and closing of business deals and corporate opportunities.

Our competitive edge resides in the strong background of our members in science, biology and technology, as well as our first-hand knowledge of the biotech business, industry and drivers. Our approach resumes in a blend between expert advice and working together with customer’s management.

"We serve your interests. I find myself systematically telling clients that we will not advise them through what they want to hear but what we believe they need to hear. That is our job and we believe it is the most effective way to help our clients achieve their goals." Manuel Vega, Founding partner.

Working teams

Every client’s assignment or project is different and special. Every customer is unique. For this reason, with each mission or project, MARKETS & LISTING puts together a working team tailored to the specific needs of the project and the customer. Working teams are versatile and dynamic. They are membered by MARKETS & LISTING partners and staff together with, whenever necessary, business partners as well as independent experts on a case by case basis. Our teams take a hands-on approach and work side-by-side in with client management and their internal teams to address, solve, build and deliver.

Art & Culture

MARKETS & LISTING values the work and effort of young artists and creators in Paris. They contribute to shaping the rich and diverse cultural nervous system of the City. Artists and life-science entrepreneurs share a wide space of content, motivations and personal resources. They are in a personal and social quest for groundbreaking through innovation. They cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, determination and resilience to realize their vision.
Thus MARKETS & LISTING encourages and sponsors art projects.